Here are the opportunities at Microlab@Bristol as of 8th Dec 2021…

  • Applications are now open for 3 PhD projects involving MicroLab@Bristol through the NERC GW4+ Doctoral Training Partnership. Please see details on how to apply lower down this page:
    • Frozen-In: Characterising the micro-environment of ice inhabiting microbes. This project is supervised by Dr Chris Williamson (head of MicroLab@Bristol), Dr Liz Thomas (British Antarctic Survey) and Dr Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo (University of Bristol) and will characterize the distribution and micro-environment of snow and ice inhabiting microbial communities, in order to enhance understanding of their true physiological capabilities, survival strategies, and interactions with key physiochemical processes. The project will include laboratory analytics and incubations as well as field work across cryospheric habitats, with the successful candidate embedded within both the Microlab@Bristol and the Ice Core Group at BAS, Cambridge. Further project particulars can be found here. Please email Chris (c.williamson@bristol.ac.uk) to express interest / with any questions.
    • Snowball Earth and the origin of life in extreme cold-environments. This project is led by Dr Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo (Sanchez-Baracaldo Lab, University of Bristol) and is co-supervised by Dr Chris Williamson (MicroLab@Bristol) and Dr Adam Monier (University of Exeter). The project will use a combination of molecular, phylogenetic and modelling techniques to study when polar cyanobacteria first evolved (e.g. Snowball Earth events) and how they have survived through Earth’s history. Further project particulars can be found here. Please email Patricia (p.sanchez-baracaldo@bristol.ac.uk) or Chris (c.williamson@bristol.ac.uk) to express interest / with any questions.
    • How do microbial processes influence ice shelves? This project is led by Dr Liz Bagshaw (Cardiff University), Dr Anne Jungblut (The Natural History Museum, London), Dr Samantha Buzzard (Cardiff University) and Dr Chris Williamson (Microlab@Bristol). This project will characterise the microbial communities that inhabit debris on the surface of the Ross Ice Shelf, and investigate their impact on the surrounding environment. Further project particulars can be found here. Please email Liz (bagshawe@cardiff.ac.uk), Anne (a.jungblut@nhm.ac.uk), Samantha (buzzards@cardiff.ac.uk) or Chris (c.williamson@bristol.ac.uk) to express interest / with any questions.
  • The application deadline is 11:59pm on Monday 10th January 2022. When applying for GW4+ DTP projects in the School of Geographical Sciences (where MicroLab@Bristol is based) please choose ‘Geographical Sciences: Physical (PhD)’ in the ‘find a programme’ box. You should refer to the project title and supervisor in your application. You will need to make a separate application for each project you wish to be considered for – the third project listed above needs to be applied for through Cardiff University’s application system. It is important that you follow the detailed instructions provided in ‘How to apply for the GW4+ DTP NERC (PhD)‘ and read the Admissions Statement in the prospectus when applying.

Looking to the future, Microlab@Bristol will be recruiting for the following posts:

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